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Latest Fashions

Kristen Gargon

What do people say is your best feature?
My Green eyes, long legs, and funny personality.
Dream job?
Performing artist Singer/Comedian
Most embarrassing moment.
There are too many to choose from...everyday :)
What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told in your life?
I try not to lie. It's bad Karma
What makes you a Goldmine Girl?
My Heart and my passion to shine, plus I think my hiney looks pretty good in the shorts.
If you could be any celebrity for one day, who would it be and why?
Robin Williams he is hysterical.
What do you value the most?
My ability to smile and get back up when I fall.
Favorite movie of all time.
Labrinth it is a childhood memory.
I love it when a guy...
Makes me laugh till I cry.